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  • Why the G in Gnooks?
    The very first Wanderers that found Kimberly are Gnarlies. They are suited for this world by The Gnarliemother, Sandy Dale. She showed kindness to Kimberly as a little girl that has never been forgotten. She also introduced her to the clan of Gnarlies that inspire a world of imagination, magic, and wonder. To honor this special relationship with The Gnarliemother and the Gnarlies in the beginning of it all, Gnooks have a silent "G" at the beginning of the word. Find the Gnarly within the site and click on him to find out more.
  • What materials are used to make Gnooks?
    Gnooks are made from a variety of materials. Gnooks are primarily made from low fire ceramic clay and glazes. Some Gnooks may be also be made from recycled found objects or from natural materials such as sticks, rocks, and moss.
  • What is needle felting?
    Needle felting is a technique used to shape wool roving. Small, shap barbed needles are used to entagle wool fibers into shapes and form. It is not a medium for little ones or ones that are easily distracted due to the very sharp tools and intricate nature.
  • Where do you get your wool?
    Kimberly works to make connections with vendors and suppliers. This allows her support of local and small businesses to extend past her own retail needs. She looks first to local farms selling roving, processed wool, waste wool and tools. When she is unable to find what she is looking for in Oregon, she expands her search to smaller retailers of wool. She has been able to connect with millers and farmers who live in neighboring towns to across the pond in Surrey, England. When you purchase a piece from Kim, you are supporting a creative economy from start to finish. Favorite Wool Vendors: Ewethful Fiber Farm & Mill - Halsey, OR Covered Bridge Fiber - Scio, OR House of Moss - Newberg, OR Big Sky Fiber - Kalispell, MT Grey Fox Felting - New Hartford, NY
  • Why are there limited or very few pieces in the Shop?
    Works are sculpted and created by hand. Very few molds, stamps, or patterns are used to ensure that what is created is unique. Because of this, pieces take time to ensure detail and quality are never compromised. Each piece is a work of art. Currently, Kimberly is selling in local small businesses to contribute to her community in new and creative ways.
  • Can a piece be commissioned? How do I order?
    Depending on the time of year, a piece may be commissioned. The best thing to do is get in contact at for requests and scheduling.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Not yet. Subscribe below or follow on Instagram for the latest news and availability.
  • What's next?
    There are always new creations being designed. The best way to see any Works in Progress (WIP) is to follow on Instagram @kimseverywhim. You will see how pieces get started, inspirations, and progress. If you find that something is catching your eye and you would like to reserve it, please get in contact either through Direct Message (DM) on Instagram or by email
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