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Flowers on Wood


Check out the videos and instructions below to make your own wooly friend or paper Gnook at home. 

Flowers on Wood

Paper Gnook Dwelling

Hints to creating a welcoming Gnook:
  • Take time with the details
  • Cut out carefully along exterior lines.
  • Crease the fold along interior lines.
  • Use tape or glue to secure tabs to enclose roof and building. 
  • Heavier paper works best.
  • Use ribbon or string to make into an ornament.
Comfy Cottage.jpeg

How to Draw Your Own Gnook

No Printer? No Ink? No Problem!
Find anything to draw on in your house: paper, empty cereal box, flattened toilet paper tube, sand.
Find something to draw with in or around your house: pencil, crayon, stick.

If you would like to say thanks, please consider donating to
The Arts Center in Corvallis, OR

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