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Fairy Oaks Studio



Magically Functional Ceramics ·  Wooly Creatures & Critters · Whimsical  Wanderers

About the Artist

Enchanted by life near a medley of mountains in Colorado, Utah, and Oregon, Kimberly began using natural elements and clay to create small doors and dwellings she calls Gnooks®. These fantastical little dwellings and doors have since opened up to a world of wanderers, creatures and creations uniquely designed and handmade in

Fairy Oaks Studio.

The best part of growing up was letting her imagination run wild. Tiny whimsical wanderers decorated the mountain trails and forest floors. Dragons living on the tops of mountains puffed out clouds that provided soft shade or thunderous storms. From the small details to the majestic overlooks, everything was

magical and wondrous.

After making her family's home under the oaks of Corvallis, OR, she wanted to attract the magic to stay. From the Gnooks® to the Wanderers and all other creations in between, she hopes to encourage imagination to be the way it should always remain with magic and wonder.

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